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Brand: Balanstix


  • Ideal for anyone seeking a fun and challenging game of skill
  • Varying levels of play for unlimited fun
  • Designed for travel, easy to disassemble and has its very own storage bag. Yeah, no lost parts!
  • Recommended for Ages 8 to 108

Publisher: Creative Concepts, Inc.

Details: CAUTION: Fun and addictive, Balanstix may cause fits of laughter and bursts of excitement. It may look like a Chinese spinning plate, when in fact it is a game of dexterity! Balanstix brings a thrilling challenge for kids and adults to enjoy. Spice up the family game night. Stir up the college quad. Add variety to school fair games or church picnics. It's a must-have for any outdoor adventure. BEWARE: Long-term use of Balanstix may provoke symptoms of increased skill and coordination. No, Balanstix will not make you a Ninja or hone your skills as a black belt. But kids from 8 to 108 will enjoy the reward of a fun and challenging game that increases fine motor coordination, concentration, patience, and dexterity--all while defying gravity with quick-balance responses (kind of like a Ninja, however, the makers of Balanstix are 98% certain that Ninjas do not have as much fun learning the art of timing and focus). Balanstix gives you the key to mastering the art of both timing and focus in the palm of your hand...or the tip of your fingers, your foot, your name it! It's all about balance! Multiple Levels of Play The "Easy" Way - Practice balancing the lightweight rod assembly only with the Saucer locked in place. Once you get the hang of that, add the Balanstix in order (1-6) and remove them in the same order. The Hard Way - Unsnap the Saucer and turn it over before you begin adding the Balanstix. The unfastened Saucer adds a greater level of difficulty as yet another element to balance while adding your Balanstix. The Hardest Way - Ready to Graduate? Reduce the rod height from 3 to 1. The highest challenge is balancing 1 rod with the Saucer turned over. It can be done! Any Way - Made to engage and teach, Balanstix is a fantastic tool for improving balance and sensory processing skills, development of motor planning, visual tracking, bilateral coordination, arm and hand strength and endurance.

UPC: 831955001572

EAN: 0831955001572

Package Dimensions: 14.3 x 7.0 x 2.5 inches