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Halloween Candy! I continue my Trick Or Treat Candy Series

I even try different types of pumpkin carving and food & candy maker sets.  I have about 10 videos this year to show you and I look forward to making them and sharing what I found shopping.  

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ORB Slimi Café All-in-One Kit

These were series two Slimi Cafe Squishies and in that series they have Mermaid Latte, Chicken & Waffles, Sushi Cat, Popcorn, Pizza, Teddy Burger, Unicorn Sundae, Heart Pancakes, Ice Cream Cat & Spaghetti Squishy Toys. 

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Animation Studio Toaster Pets - Create A Cartoon

The Animation Studio is one of the funnest toy/app combination toys that I have demonstrated on video.   You will need to download the app to get the full effect and to create your own cartoons. 

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Sneaky Stardust Gum Powder & Tangy Nuggets Crunchy Crystals Review

It was a unique experience chewing a powder like the Stardust and it turning into gum in about 5 minutes.  The Crunchy Crystals are very much like a Nerds candy and just as flavorful and tasty.  

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Ghostbusters Race Against Slime Book! Mini Ecto 1 Wind UP Toy Car

Thanks for stopping by today.  I really enjoy checking out new items like this on a video.  I'm a huge fan of wind up toys and also unique books and pop-up books.

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