Halloween Candy! I continue my Trick Or Treat Candy Series

It is hard to really put this in perspective and imagine that since 2012 I have been showing different kinds of Halloween candy, snacks & food.  I even try different types of pumpkin carving and food & candy maker sets.  I have about 10 videos this year to show you and I look forward to making them and sharing what I found shopping.  I will try and update this blog when I upload a new Halloween item this year so you can keep track. 

1.  Reese's Halloween Peanut Butter Cups.  I have done a similar version in the past.

2.  Mars Candy Zombie Skittles These had a crazy rotten fish flavor in the mix of other fruit flavors!

3.  Oreo Spooky Halloween Cookies Butch and I check out 5 Spooky cookie designs!

4.  Edible Slime Kit & Glowing Gummy Eyeballs  This was fun to make! Did I like the eyeballs?

5.  6 Different M&M Candies & Dispensers  I share a bunch of M&M stuff on this video for Halloween

6.  Monster Bites Halloween No-Bake Cookie Dough Kit Fun little kit! Make Cookie Dough monsters

7.  Jeepers Creepers Premium Halloween Cookie Kit Make colorful cookies for Halloween

8.  Kinder Joy Halloween Surprise Eggs Mystery Lab Monsters Color changing monsters!

9.  Halloween Rice Krispies Treats Pumpkin Kit - Kellogg's Make pumpkin monsters!


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