ORB Slimi Café All-in-One Kit

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Alyse and I often check out slime toys together because she has played and has made all kinds of slime.  We have videos together of our slime adventures on my YouTube channel.  It was very nice of ORB to send us an entire case and normally we would have opened more, but we wanted to make sure we focused on the different slimes and the consistencies of all of them. I hope you enjoyed that part of the video.   These were series two Slimi Cafe Squishies and in that series they have Mermaid Latte, Chicken & Waffles, Sushi Cat, Popcorn, Pizza, Teddy Burger, Unicorn Sundae, Heart Pancakes, Ice Cream Cat & Spaghetti Squishy Toys. 

The Toppings come in many different colors and include Jameez, Swirlez, FluffiWhipz and Drizzlerz.  They each had a different property.  The FluffiWhipz is for shaping, Jameez is for layering, Swirleez is for Twisting and Drizzlerz are for Stretching over your slow rising foam toys. 

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