Charley Chimp, Cymbal-Playing Monkey



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Brand: R.E.G.


  • Bangs His Cymbals
  • Rocks and Nods Head
  • Opens Mouth - Loud Screech
  • Pops His Eyes In & Out Repeatedly

Publisher: R.E.G.

Details: Charley Chimp is the classic multi-action, battery operated cymbal banging monkey toy. Switch Charley on and he continuously bangs his cymbals, rocks back and forth while nodding his head. Bop his little red cap and he stops his banging, opens his mouth to reveal his pearly whites, bulges out his eyeballs in excitement and belts out some loud screeches! After a few screeches Charley resumes his cymbal playing. Our toy has been manufactured basically unchanged for over forty years. Charley Chimp is still assembled and detailed by hand in a small workshop in limited production runs. Charley comes packaged in a colorful box with cartoon instructions on the side. Charley Chimp, the gift that keeps on giving with every "bop" of his fuzzy head! Approx. 12" inches (30 cm) tall - Runs on (2) Size "D" (LR20)batteries (not included). Ages 8 and older.

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EAN: 0793631243006

Package Dimensions: 11.3 x 8.0 x 6.4 inches

Languages: English