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Brand: CSE Games


  • Hilarious new party game, you'll act out and shout out the craziest things
  • Great for kids and adults, great memory exercise and great fun
  • New game every time you play, lots of topic cards and player-generated content
  • Portable party game, nice compact packaging
  • 20 minutes to play, 3 to 6 players, ages 8+

Genre: action

Publisher: CSE Games


Loud About is a fast-paced party game of “action memory” that will make you and your friends do and say wild and hilarious things. It’s ideal for both family parties and late-night shenanigans. Players must select actions and words to be loud about. The goal is to quickly ACT OUT and SHOUT OUT those actions and words faster than your opponents. In each round of Loud About, a Topic Card is drawn, for example “Dance Moves”. Everyone at the table then chooses a dance move and an action based on that dance move. The key is to remember everyone else’s dance move and action. On their turn, each player flips a card from the top of the deck, if the symbol matches with someone else card, a Face-Off occurs. In the Face-Off, the player who calls out and acts out the “dance move” of their opponent first, wins the card as a victory point. The player to collect the most victory cards wins the round. Since players provide the content of each Topic, a game of Loud About is totally different every time you play. Loud About is a new twist on the classic British card game Menagerie from the 1950s but in the form of a party game. Think Menagerie meets Charades meets Memory.

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