Historical Conquest Playing Cards (CCG) - Tesla Starter Deck (2nd Edition)

Historical Conquest


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Brand: Historical Conquest

Edition: 2nd Edition


  • Each Starter Deck contains 50 historical trading cards.
  • Each deck is non-randomized so you don't have to buy 100 decks to get one card.
  • Each card contains information on a single topic: name, historical dates, summaries, and references.
  • Cards cover topics spanning from Lincoln to Genghis Khan, the Gold Rush to the Plague, documents like the US Constitution, to the Torah.
  • Historical Conquest is a mixture of games such as Risk, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Magic: The Gathering.

Publisher: Figurative Past

Details: Have you ever heard of the board game Risk? What about card games like: Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, or Magic: The Gathering. Combine these two types of games and fuse them with History and you will have the newest epic card game named Historical Conquest: The Journey through Time. The Nikola Tesla Starter deck contains 50 historical trading cards in each box. Every player must have a minimum of 50 cards to play, including: historical people, events, land, technology, armies, etc. These topics span from: Abraham Lincoln to the Invention of the Automobile, or to events like Pearl Harbor. Each card contains information on a single historical subject such as: the name, date, summary of the event/person, and historical references. Also find a set of simple and easy to navigate rules sheet with a sample play mat on one side. Historical Conquest has decided to take out the randomness in each deck that all of our competitors use to sell more decks. Instead, by purchasing all 6 of our Starter Decks you will have our complete set of Starter deck cards. To expand your enjoyment and fun you can also purchase Booster packs, which include 20 historical trading cards based on specific events in history including: the Revolutionary War, Roman Era, World War 2, Civil War, and the Wild West. New Boosters are released all the time. Coming soon: The Vikings, Crusades, World War 1, etc. Player can also purchase play mats, available in two styles: original "Burning Map" and the Revolutionary War. These mats help teach players how to play, where to place their cards, and give the cards a scratch-free, level surface to lay. Buy these to add to the enjoyment.

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Package Dimensions: 3.6 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches