Marusenko Level 1, Black and White


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Brand: Marusenko


  • Puzzle Type: Beginner
  • Sphere is two colors
  • The six rotating circles add a new dimension to the puzzle and make it unlike any puzzle sphere you have ever tried to solve before
  • Welcome to Marusenko, try a beginners sphere, once mastered there are 4 more levels of Marusenko to explore

Publisher: Marusenko

Warranty: No Warranty

Details: Brain, skill and dexterity developing puzzle, supportive and fun-to-play-with. The Marusenko Sphere is a unique ball-shaped puzzle which is divided into eight octants by three perpendicular cuts and moves just like a 2×2×2 puzzle ball. Unlike other puzzle balls, this puzzle also has 24 pieces arranged in 6 circular faces. The Marusenko Spheres are divided into 5 levels of difficulty. The Black & White sphere is a Level 1 puzzle and has up to 7,889,304 permutations! Each sphere comes nicely packaged with a stand and protective transparent case, which makes for a great display item.

UPC: 089800455425

EAN: 0089800455425

Package Dimensions: 3.7 x 3.3 x 3.2 inches