McDonalds - Atlantis Happy Meal Set - 2001

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Brand: Happy Meal Toys


  • New In Original Sealed Bags
  • This is a COMPLETE set of 9

Publisher: McDonalds

Details: In conjuction with the release of Disney's Atlantis - The Lost Empire, McDonalds introduced the 2001 Atlantis Happy Meal set. The 9 piece set includes #1 Milo Thatch in Subpod, #2 Princess Kida on Ketak, #3 Audrey in Oiler, #4 Vinney in Tinder Box, #5 Atlantean Crystal Toy Neck Medallion, #6 Dr. Sweet in Tanker, #7 Ulysses Submarine,, #8 Moliere in Digger and #9 Leviathan