Mcdonalds - Power Rangers Complete 11 Piece Happy Meal Set - 2000

Happy Meal Toys


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Brand: Happy Meal Toys


  • All Pieces Come New In Original Sealed Bags
  • Complete Set Of 11

Publisher: McDonalds

Details: From April of 2000 comes the McDonalds Happy Meal promotion POWER RANGERS LIGHTSPEED RESCUE. At 4" tall these incredible interactive RANGERS come equipped with their own RESCUE BURSTERS which connect to form a colorful "MAKE-A-ZORD" nearly 12" tall and 27" long! ...but wait, there's more!! also included are 5 RESCUE RAILS which when activated burst open to reveal High Speed Emergency Vehicles. As a special bonus, this set features the rare TITANIUM RANGER in a special Rescue Burster. A complete set of 11 includes: Red Power Ranger, Yellow Rail Rescue, Pink Power Ranger, Green Rail Rescue, Blue Power Ranger, Pink Rail Rescue, Yellow Power Ranger, Blue Rail Rescue, Green Power Ranger, Red Rail Rescue & Titanium Power Ranger. This colossal set will provide great entertainment and is a must have for the Power Ranger fan!