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  • With Piranha Panic, players race to escape the feeding frenzy of attacking piranhas
  • To win players must be the first to get all three of their fish marbles to the top of the stream
  • But they must be careful because the fish marbles could be attacked by the hungry piranha
  • Roll the dice to see how far you move and whether you avoid beign a tasty snack
  • Quick and easy to assemble with no batteries required

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Details: With Piranha Panic, players race to escape the feeding frenzy of attacking pranhas!Imagine that you're a fish happily swimming through the Amazon basin and suddenly you come across a feeding frenzy of vicious piranhas! To stay alive in this Piranha Panic game, you must get all three of your fish marbles to the top of the stream. But be careful, the marbles might be attacked by big fish with even bigger appetites. In this thrilling game, kids ages five and up take turns rolling the die to see how many spaces to move and whether or not the piranhas will attack. It is a great tool to teach patience, taking turns, and counting, and best of all, two to four players can join in on the frantic fun.

Fun for the Whole Family
The whole family can enjoy racing their marbles through this action-packed frenzy. The game moves quickly and is unique in many ways. Kids love the plastic board with its bright blue color and piranha cartoon. Piranha Panic is easy to assemble and does not require batteries, so kids can start playing almost the minute they open the box.

This game entices children with its fish-flipping action. The die tells the children when to let the piranhas lose and then the piranha knocks the marble back into the stream. This simple action delights young players. Kids also love the marbles' cute fearful faces and the piranhas' ugly mugs. Piranha Panic is a heart- stopping race that never really ends -- the first game is as fun as the last. (Parents with very young children should be careful as Piranha Panic has small parts that could be dangerous for babies and toddlers.)

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