Schmovie - The Hilarious Game of Made-Up Movies!

Galactic Sneeze


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Brand: Galactic Sneeze

Edition: First Edition


  • Make up funny titles for outlandish films in this hilarious movie game! Perfect for family game night, teens, adults, and anyone who loves movies, games, or funny stuff!
  • No movie trivia needed, just a sense of humor! The best party game for creativity and lots of laughter. Who needs movie night... when you can have Schmovie night?!
  • Play individually or in teams - perfect for both small and large groups. Can be played family-friendly or for adults-only.
  • Award-winning fun! Voted Best Party Game of The Year 2013. If you enjoy card and board games like Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, and Balderdash, you'll love Schmovie!
  • Includes 170 Cards, 1 Genre Die, 5 Erasable Title Boards, 5 Erasable Markers, 19 Schquid Trophies, Rule Sheet, and Unlimited Awesomeness.

Publisher: Galactic Sneeze

Details: HOW TO PLAY: Write funny titles for made-up movies based on a film genre (determined by the roll of a die), combined with an outlandish premise (generated by flipping two cards). For example, what would you call an ACTION FILM about a KILLER SANDWICH? Players might make up titles such as "Rye Hard", "Beauty and the Beef", "Bun on the Run", or "Alien vs. Breadator". Schmovie titles can be parodies of actual films, or completely made up! Each round, a Schmovie Producer awards one of nineteen different golden Schquid Trophies for his or her favorite title. The first player to collect four Schquids wins! Schmovie is brought to you by the fine folks at Galactic Sneeze, a Brooklyn-based fun stuff think tank. GAME INCLUDES: 85 WHAT? Cards, 85 WHO? Cards, 1 Genre Die, 5 Erasable Title Boards, 5 Erasable Markers, 19 Trophy Bases, 19 Schquid Trophies, 1 Rule Sheet

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