Triassic Triops


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  • Cooler Than Monkeys. Triops: way cooler, bigger and more active than sea monkeys. They're dinosaur shrimp, leftovers from some 200 million years ago.
  • Don't eat them; just grow them and enjoy this bizarre & ancient display of nature! You get a kidney-shaped tank 2-3/8" tall x 8-1/2"x 5-3/4", a very informative instruction booklet, and a packet full of triops eggs and food.
  • Add the eggs to water and watch them go; they'll hatch in a day and reach 1" to 2" or more in a few weeks. Really easy to do, and really cool too.

Publisher: TOYOV

Details: With our Triops kits, prehistoric creatures spring back to life by simply adding water. Each kit comes complete with everything you need to grow these amazing pets. Provided with spring water and light, the Triops will quickly grow to adult size of two or more inches in less than 30 days.

The Triassic Triops kit contains a container of eggs, hatching 10 to 20 creatures. Each nearly doubles in size daily, swims upside down, performs acrobatics, and teaches simple science concepts.

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Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.1 x 2.7 inches