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Today we check out two games from Playmonster. Both games have been voted into the Chicago Toy And Game Fair and you can help them win the TAGIE Award.  Click the Vote Here link to support both of these young inventors.  Voting Ends 10-31-2019

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The first game is Draw Into Crime - The Sketchy Game of Sketchy People.  Think of it like an artistic Guess who.  Once you pick your criminal, then the others guess different characteristics.  After a certain number of guess, the group then draws what they think the criminal looks like.  The witness gets to pick the winner, but the drawings are kept a secret.  It is as simple as that!  Draw Into Crime Day
Goo On My Shoe Game

 The next game is Goo On Your Shoe!  This game is all about dropping little pieces of goo from three different colors.  The options are on the spinner, which is a miniature playground merry-go-round.  As you work your way around the board, you will at times land on the goo and you then put it on your shoe.  The winner has the least Goo On His Shoe.

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More about the Young Inventors Program

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